Senior Slump? Snap Out of It! We realize you have worked very hard on the last few years

Senior Slump? Snap Out of It! We realize you have worked very hard on the last few years using every one of those challenging courses, getting involved in numerous extracurriculars, dealing with leadership positions, etc. And, you’re truly working very difficult now on your university applications. You might feel very tempted to put off your college work and only other, more exciting opportunities (senior ditch day, anyone?) But trust us, now’s not the time to slack off. You came this far, and you want to make sure you finish strong. And not only for your own peace of mind, you have your own internal motivations though we do hope. Realistically, though, what’s going to probably motivate you most to keep those senior year grades up is a little something called the Mid-Year Report.

The Mid-Year Report is a Common Application form that must be submitted by your counselor after very first semester senior year grades become available. Our workplace takes these grades into account, and expects that the trend in your grades will continue. That means that when you were earning grades that are high, there is absolutely no explanation those As shouldn’t be reflected on your Mid-Year Report.

And while we’re on the topic, senioritis is not an excuse to let your second-semester year that is senior slip, either. We’ll be delivered a last transcript from your high college, and can be sure that those grades are intact, too. As always, we reserve the right to rescind any admission decisions.

So, moral of the story is: continue working hard, up until ab muscles last day’s senior year. And, prepare to work even harder (but have actually a lot of fun too) in university!

The Art of the Health Supplement

Our deadline that is first is around the corner. Are you able to believe it?! December 1st is less than a month away. Pupils using for talent-based majors must submit a bit more information, so we have clarified a things that are few the process.

As well as doing the Common App and USC Writing Supplement, pupils signing up to the Iovine and Young Academy, Roski School of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, School of Cinematic Arts, School of Dramatic Arts, plus the Thornton School of Music must complete the Arts Supplement.

To do that, students require to react ‘yes’ to the question, ‘Do you intend to submit an art supplement so that your special skill in one or even more for the arts will likely be thought to be element of the admission process to University of Southern California?’ on the supplement that is writing. This allows the hyper link to Slideroom to appear within the left column of typical App.


Thornton: Students must certanly be prescreened before being invited for the audition. For this, students must upload recordings to the ‘Fall DecisionDesk portal’ by the December 1st deadline. They must also complete the creative Art Supplement in Slideroom. December Thornton will send students an audition confirmation in late. Please only submit a Slideroom health supplement for a major to which you are applying.

Dramatic Arts: To schedule an audition for the BFA, students must suggest their top three audition date preferences on Slideroom. If pupils aren’t able to go to a live audition, they must select ‘Recorded Audition’ on Audition Date Preference #1 and upload a recording on the ‘Media’ tab in Slideroom.


Dramatic Arts: All applicants applying to the BA in Dramatic Arts system are expected to schedule an interview with an admission counselor either in person or on the phone. Students can subscribe to this meeting on the Dramatic Arts internet site.

Portfolio submission:

Fine Arts: In addition to questions that are answering the student’s innovative experience, students must submit 10-15 images on the Media tab on Slideroom. They have been added one at a right time and can’t be added in PDF format.

Iovine and Young Academy: Applicants are needed to submit an initial video of no more than 1 minute that illustrates an original idea for an innovative item, service or system that solves an issue, addresses a need, or provides the opportunity. In addition to this video, pupils may submit as much as 5 media files including artistic images, motion graphics, original music recordings, poems, and essays. All of these components should be uploaded to the Media tab within Slideroom.

Architecture: Students can upload drawing, sketching, painting, graphic design, photography, movie, web-design, sculpture, ceramics and furniture design project examples to the Media tab on Slideroom. The admission committee would like to see proof of creativity. Up to 25 examples may be submitted.

Cinematic Arts: Depending on the program to that your student applies, students must submit a statement that is personal writing sample, creative profile list, responses to short response questions, and URLs in Slideroom. The Media tab is where students should upload visual test, video clip, and pictures.